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May 5th, 2019 - Rounding up the Usual Suspects — LiveJournal
Steve's Livejournal

This afternoon, I went to Sunday brunch. I got the location wrong, and ended up looking rather puzzled when I arrived at one of the two places we had discussed last Sunday. Fortunately, at least one of the people at the place I went to knew us well enough to recognize me. He told me that one of our group had called for reservations for this week, then called back to correct the reservation to next week. That was enough to clue me in that we were meeting at the other place we discussed last week.

So, I arrived rather late. When I arrived, one of the restaurant people greeted me cheerfully and pointed me toward the back of the restaurant, where our group typically sits when we're there. I found regulars "C" and "N", and semi-regular "W". "J" declined this week, in favor of some things she wanted to do at home.

Besides just the brunch, the agenda was to discuss our new SIFF "free guides", which are the magazine-format film catalogs for the festival, and try to plan what to see. Besides getting the brunch location wrong, I had forgotten to bring a copy of the free guide, so I had to view the catalog through my phone. That didn't work very well, and I didn't get much planning accomplished. But it was still pleasant getting together with friends.

A couple of hours after brunch adjourned, we were invited to a party hosted by our friend "D". I decided to walk to a used music and movies store, and browsed films. I picked up three, all from the bargain bin, and spent only $3.25, including sales tax. Not a bad way to spend the time, even if I don't get a chance to watch them for a while.

Next, I picked up N to give her a ride to the party, and proceeded to D's place. I think there were about a dozen people there in total, though not that many at one time. Most of the people there were part of the film festival social group; a few were D's other friends. It was a pleasant gathering, with a lot of food D had cooked, plus contributions from some of the others.

At some point, J phoned to remind me that "T" would need a ride home from Bellevue. So N and I said our goodbyes, and I gave her a ride home. Then I went to Bellevue, visited my father briefly, and picked up T to give him a ride home. It was a pretty busy day of driving around and doing things.

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