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May 14th, 2019 - Rounding up the Usual Suspects — LiveJournal
Steve's Livejournal

This morning, "J" and I went to SIFF press screenings. We only saw two today because the third is reserved for professional press only. But later in the afternoon, we saw a regular, paid-for film.

The morning film was 3 Faces (3 Rokh), an Iranian film about a film director and actress who receive a disturbing video message and investigate. It's my favorite film so far this SIFF.

The noon film was David Crosby: Remember My Name, a documentary about singer David Crosby. It has a lot of interesting material, but seems like it could be edited more tightly.

Update: I later learned that the press-only afternoon screening was the SIFF closing night film, The Farewell.

After the films, we went to a Thai restaurant with our friend "D".

The later afternoon film was Shadow (Yǐng), a Chinese film centered around a "shadow" look-alike for a king's top general. It's excellent spectacle, and a very good film.

After the films, we gave SIFF acquaintance "D" a ride home, combining a trip to give "T" a ride home from Bellevue.

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