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Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal

This morning, I gave "J" a ride to a short meeting – short enough that I just waited outside while she attended. She was pleased with the results of the meeting.

Later, I took "T" to an indoor playground, where he had a lot of fun, and pretty well wore himself out for the day.

Back at home, J had a phone meeting. She said it was really long, but didn't really give much indication (either way) of whether it was worth the time.

In the afternoon, T's friend "L" arrived for a visit. He's always pleased to see her.

In the evening, J and I went to Ballard for the film Pity the Lovers, at the Majestic. It was a good Swedish comedy about two brothers who don't have the best results in their respective quests for romance.

After the film was the SIFF Saturday night party associated with the film. It was at the Nordic Museum, which is a pretty nice venue for a party, and also a pretty nice museum. I talked with some people who were showing their short films at the festival; they were thrilled to talk with short film fans. The museum had an exhibition of a Swedish photographer who took some amazing pictures, including a lot of celebrities in informal settings (as opposed to public appearances or portrait sessions). I should look up the photographer's name, but I don't have the energy right now.

Update: Although I don't remember the exact short films, I know that J and I saw at least one of the films made by the people I talked with at the party. It will be nice if we cross paths at another SIFF event later in the festival.

Had we sorted out the logistics, J and I would have liked to see a couple of shorts series: "Ties That Bind" and "Glitoris Maximus". But we can't see everything.

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