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Rounding up the Usual Suspects
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SIFF's capsule summary: "Seattle's most exclusive film club. See movies that no other audience (anywhere!) can watch."
SIFF link: Secret Festival #1

The whole point of the Secret Festival is that people who see them sign a pledge not to discuss the films with anyone except others who have signed the pledge. So I'm not telling what film showed.

7 Good Although I'm not allowed to reveal what the film was, I can say whether I liked it. I did.

Overall, I rate the film good.

Languages: Secret.

Rating: Secret

Screening: 11 am, SIFF Cinema at the Egyptian.
Audience: mostly full house, 575 seats (450 main, 125 balcony).

Snacks: none.

Ads and announcements (I may have missed one or more):

  • SIFF membership promotion — Become a SIFF member! My guess is that practically everyone who attends Secret Festival is already a SIFF member.
  • Thank you, volunteers — Time for applause.
  • In-person announcements — Beth Barrett introduced the film, then handed over the introductions to another programmer.

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This morning I went to see the first of four films in SIFF's "Secret Festival". "J" heard great buzz about another film, Sibel, and decided to skip the Secret for it. I was initially tempted to walk out of the Secret, but about a third of the way into it my patience paid off. But I don't think J would have liked it much, and she thought Sibel was wonderful, so she probably made the right choice.

Update: In addition to J's praise for Sibel, pretty much everyone else has had good things to say about it. I hope I'll get a chance to see it in Best of SIFF. I've also heard good things about Cold Case Hammerskjold, which screened opposite Sibel and Secret, and An Affair, which screened late this evening.

My next film required a mix of running and fast walking to make it down the hill from the Egyptian to Pacific Place. The film was Banana Split, a comedy about teens between high school and going away to college. It was fair. I think I would have enjoyed going to the usual Sunday brunch more, unless the regulars were all at films too.

Update: After a day of thought, I find that I like Banana Split better, enough to upgrade my rating to good.

From Pacific Place, I walked fast to the Uptown, planning to see Putin's Witnesses with J. Unfortunately, I had mixed up the schedule, and the film was actually in Bellevue, not at the Uptown. J and I gave hung out at the SIFF Lounge for a while, and I called it a day. She, however, went to see Jean-Paul Gaultier: Freak and Chic at the Uptown.

I set out on the long walk back to the Harvard Garage, diagonally across from the Egyptian, where I had parked. By the time I got there, and wrote a few things on my phone, it was about time for J's film to finish. I offered to pick her up at the Uptown, but she had already boarded a bus for the Egyptian, so we met up there before heading home.

We ended up going to Bellevue anyway, just not for a film. "T" needed a ride home, and we also visited my mother.

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