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Rounding up the Usual Suspects
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SIFF's capsule summary: "Seattle's most exclusive film club. See movies that no other audience (anywhere!) can watch."
SIFF link: Secret Festival #2

The whole point of the Secret Festival is that people who see them sign a pledge not to discuss the films with anyone except others who have signed the pledge. So I'm not telling what film showed.

8 Very Good Although I'm not allowed to reveal what the film was, I can say whether I liked it. I did.

Overall, I rate the film good.

Languages: Secret.

Rating: Secret.

Screening: 11 am, SIFF Cinema at the Egyptian.
Audience: mostly full house, 575 seats (450 main, 125 balcony).

Snacks: none.

Ads and announcements (I may have missed one or more):

  • SIFF membership promotion — "SIFF members make it possible.
  • SIFF 2019 promotion – "Cinematic dish" is the theme.
  • Thank you, volunteers — Time for applause.
  • In-person announcements — Beth Barrett introduced the film.

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This morning "J" and I started the day with SIFF's Secret Festival #2. The film was a real treat. Most of the time it was excellent, flawed by occasional moments of unintentional laughter. Very good. Our brunch friend "N" sat with us.

After the film, we had a choice between seeing a short film series ("Episodic 2 - Connection : Available" or "Doing the Work!", which overlapped), followed by a long gap before the next film, or going to brunch. We chose brunch. Also present were regulars "M", N, and rather late, "C". The food was good and the conversation lively.

Having skipped the overlapping short film series, we ended up with Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation as a default choice. I went in with low expectations; how many Woodstock documentaries do there need to be? But we were favorably surprised; it was very good. It was more about how the festival was planned and executed, rather than being just about the music.

After that, we visited the SIFF Lounge for a little while; it was very busy.

Next up was another short film series, "Close Encounters of the Gay Kind". Two of the shorts, "Stepdaddy" and "Homecoming" were excellent, they made it a series worth watching. As a bonus, the two best films were also the two films with people present for personal appearances.

At that point, I visited my father in Bellevue, and then gave "T" a ride home.

J stuck around at SIFF for one more film, Sgaawaay K'uuna (Edge of the Knife), the first feature film made in the endangered Haida language. It showed with the short film "dukʷibəɫ swatixʷtəd" ("Changer's Land"); don't ask me how to pronounce that title. She had good things to say about the feature, but said that the personal appearance by people from the film was even better than the film itself.

There were three other shorts series today: "Mysterious Travelers", clashing with Secret, and "Episodic 2, Connection: Available" and "Doing the Work!", both clashing with the Woodstock documentary. Sometimes schedules can't be made to work out.

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