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Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal

Today I cut the baseboards for the downstairs closet to length, so that they should fit nicely in the closet. I also painted them with a few coats, since the stuff they're made of seems to demand paint, even if it's the same color as the original material.

I also started working on the end post of the fence north of our garage. I tried digging out the old rotted post, and ran into a block of concrete that had been the base for the rotten post. I don't have the energy to dig that out of the ground, so I set the post mount (a block of concrete with a steel post-holding fixture set into it on top of it) on top of it, leaving it slightly above ground. That's probably good for rot resistance, but may not be as pretty as burying the post. We can hide it with plants though.

I didn't get the post fully mounted into place, so that end of the fence is pretty precarious. I braced it with an aluminum window-washing pole, which should serve until I get it mounted properly, as long as there's not a wind storm. A lot of the fence posts are kind of rotten too, even though they appear to be cedar, so I'll need some more materials to fix up that segment of the fence.

For dinner, I baked a heat-and-eat salmon dinner from Costco. It was delicious. Unfortunately, when I bought it I failed to look at the source of the salmon; it was farmed rather than wild. I'll have to drop a suggestion to Costco to offer a wild salmon version of that dish; even if it costs more, wild is more environmentally responsible, and often tastes better.

Another project today was cleaning up journal entries. I had a lot of messy stub articles; now I have a bunch of stub articles that are at least reasonably well cleaned up. I wrote a few actual reviews too, expanding stub articles into something presentable.

Had we gone to the festival today, there were three shorts series we might have attended, schedules permitting: "Destination Northwest", "Future Wave Shorts and the Best of NFFTY", and "Shorts Fest Closing Night".

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