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parking oddity, three films, a picnic - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
parking oddity, three films, a picnic

This morning started weird. I went to the same parking lot as yesterday, and I got the exact same parking space, and the same Nissan as yesterday was in the adjacent spot.

"J" and I attended three SIFF press screenings:

Mademoiselle Paradis was a very good film about Maria Theresia von Paradis, a late 18th century pianist who lost her vision in childhood, regained it temporarily as a young adult under the supervision of a doctor, and then lost it again. Historically, she was regarded as a brilliant pianist, good composer (though few of her many works have survived), and a very important pioneer in music education.

Marilyn was a good film about a young Argentine man who has to interrupt his education to return home to work on his family tenant ranch. The film was slow much of the way through, but the ending paid off.

Leave No Trace was a film about an adolescent girl and her veteran father, who live in a forest, then struggle when they're forced back into conventional society. Although it was a very good film, it was slow paced, and given the expectations Debra Granik set with her Winter's Bone, this one was almost inevitably a disappointment.

When we returned home, we went to a park near home for a picnic. "T" joined us.

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