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a visitor, two films - Rounding up the Usual Suspects — LiveJournal
Steve's Livejournal
a visitor, two films

This afternoon, we had a visitor, "L". She was here mostly for "T".

This evening, "J" and I went to two films in Bellevue. The 6:30 pm film was Ava, an Iranian film about a high school girl in a repressive society. She's an excellent student and good musician, but after her mother overreacts to a rumor of misbehavior Ava struggles and acts out. It's excellent, and as a bonus the director made a personal appearance.

The 9:15 pm film was The Eternal Road, a period piece about a Finnish man who is chased by Finnish fascists into the Soviet Union, where he's ordered to spy on a mostly-Finnish collective farm. Although the characterizations are a bit thin, the story is great. It's also an interesting portrayal of a little-known, weird chapter of Soviet history.


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