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flat tire, closed for the holiday, birthday lunch, get-together, Memorial Day - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
flat tire, closed for the holiday, birthday lunch, get-together, Memorial Day

Today "J" and I skipped going to the long holiday schedule of SIFF movies because we had other things to do. In the morning, J baked a cake. I slept a bit late because I stayed up too late last night writing movie reviews.

Late in the morning, I went to the car to take care of an overdue errand: getting a haircut. But after just a little driving I felt something wrong. The tire pressure light on the dash wss lit, and handling was wrong. I got out for a look, and the front left tire was flat. I crept back to the driveway, thinking of refilling the tire with the same compressor I've used to power the floorboard nailgun; I bought a tire filling accessory for it quite a while ago, in anticipation of this possibility.

But after another look it was clear that the tire wouldn't hold air; it was so flat that it had slipped off the rim when I maneuvered into the reach of the compressor hose.

So my new project for the morning was to fix the tire. I took out the trunk floor mat (and the uncommonly small amount of junk in the trunk), then the trunk floor panel, the tire change tools, the spare tire cover, and finally the spare.

Next, I looked up just where the jack point was, placed the jack there, and cranked up that corner of the car. I wrestled off the five lug nuts, cranked the jack higher because the tire wouldn't budge, and removed the tire. Putting on the spare was much easier.

I packed the flat tire in the trunk, along with the spare tire cover and the tools. I was ready for the next phase of the tire project.

I already knew where the nearest Les Schwab is, but I looked up the best route – and I found that it was closed for the holiday. Oops. No tire fix today, it seems.

So, with the rest of the tire mission removed from the schedule, I restored the haircut plan to the agenda. I didn't have time for the drive to the usual place, and I had a coupon for a $7 haircut, so I went to the coupon place. It was fast, and the price was good. The haircut wasn't as good as the usual place, but it was decent. I tipped well, because I can't imagine that the place pays well, given what they charge.

By that point, the cake was done and smelled delicious. We packed it into the car. "T" joined us. And we all went to Bellevue, to my parents' place. My brother and his wife "M" were there too.

The occasion was an early celebration of my birthday. My mother cooked meat, and M made a delicious salad. We shared the birthday cake for dessert. I got a number of nice gifts. (Thanks!)

In the evening, J had a get-together with friends. T and I came along too, since I usually drive for J. One of J's friends had some of her art included in one of the SIFF VR Zone shorts, but she hadn't seen it herself. I told her my impressions, which confirmed her uncertainty about the VR project. The friends had nice treats too, and invited me and T to join in.

My Memorial Day thoughts were of my grandfather, who earned a Bronze Star in World War II, but never spoke of the war except about bad food, and my other grandfather, who had a health exclusion from the war but served at home as a volunteer firefighter while the regular firefighters were off to the war. Both survived the war, and lived into old age.

I thought of J's grandfather, who was killed in action while overseeing the evacuation of the ship he commanded. I also learned that her other grandfather served in the Navy too, but survived into old age.

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