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tires, two films - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
tires, two films

This morning's press screening didn't look like my kind of film, which made it the ideal morning to get my flat tire fixed. I went to the nearest Les Schwab, hoping to get by with just getting the tire re-mounted and the apparent leak repaired. (Les Schwab has traditionally done that for free, and as far as I'm aware the only obligation is that customers should, "This of us next time you need to buy tires.") Unfortunately, the flat tire was damaged beyond repair, possibly when I turned the car around so my compressor hose would reach it to refill it. I had a choice of replacing that one (front left) tire, replacing both front tires because there wasn't a lot of tread left, or replacing all four. I initially decided to replace the front tires, and looked at the replacement options.

They had three options, which (if I remember correctly) had pro-rated warranties for 45k, 55k, or 65k miles. After thinking through how long I was likely to keep the car, and the pitch that the better tires would drive more quietly in addition to lasting longer, I decided to get a pair of the top model, and replace the rear tires when their treads were all the way worn out. But it turned out that the top tires were on sale, for not much more than the middle tires, so I decided to replace all four while they were on sale.

The replacement job took a fair amount of time, but the time passed fairly quickly. I mostly worked on film reviews. And during the driving the rest of the day, the tires did seem to run quieter.

After the tire job, I went home briefly, because I figured I'd need some caffeine to get through the day. "J" made me tea while I was driving home, and had it ready when I arrived. Even so, I only barely made it to Pacific Place for the noon and afternoon press screenings. With time tight, I parked in the expensive Pacific Place lot, but I'm not sure I could have found anything cheaper, given that I was past the usual "early bird" deadlines.

The noon film was Jinn, a film about a Los Angeles high school girl who struggles to adapt to her television meteorologist mother's conversion to Islam, struggled to rise above its apparent purpose as an educational checklist film; I rate it almost good.

The afternoon film, Number One, was about a French executive who tries to gain the top job at a major corporation, in spite of the discrimination she faces as a woman. It's also an issue film, but it does a better job of emphasizing the drama. I rate it good.

I rushed out of the second film, because the parking price goes up each full hour at the Pacific Place garage. I hoped to get to the machine before it had been four whole hours, but I got there after four hours and one minute. Oops!

When I got home, J and I and "T" shared pizza; none of us was feeling in the mood to do any serious cooking.

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