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garden shopping - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
garden shopping

Today "J" and I spent some of the day just recovering from our movie marathon yesterday. We both even took a bit of a nap.

In the afternoon, I was invited to a party, which was fun mostly because there were a lot of nice kids present too. I enjoyed the break in the day.

This evening, I went to the usual big box home improvement store and picked up a bunch of gardening supplies:

  • three rolls of mesh meant for reinforcing concrete slabs, which I'll roll into tomato support cages,
  • a bunch of plumbing parts, which I'll use as a support frame for bird mesh,
  • a roll of bird mesh, which we'll use to keep birds from devouring all of our blueberries, and
  • sand, which we'll use to fill in cracks between the cobbles in our outdoor paths.
I had intended to continue on to Costco, but it got too late to go and have time for the fairly long shopping list we had for there. I'll go there tomorrow, probably.

I had meant to see the SIFF film Pig, by the director of last year's fantastic A Dragon Arrives!, but I got going on the shopping too late, and I can still see it tomorrow.


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