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two films and a party - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
two films and a party

I started the day with a drive to the Mercer Garage, in a bit of a rush because I hadn't been watching the clock very well. But I made it there in time to make it to Pig at the Uptown. I got there after general seating had started, and ended up with a seat outside the aisle. That was OK though; I ended up by people who were nice to talk to before the film started.

The film Pig made more sense than the director's previous film, A Dragon Arrives!. (The exclamation point is part of the title.) That probably makes the film more accessible to audiences. But although it's a weird and wonderful movie, I wouldn't say it's quite as weird and wonderful as Dragon. Excellent.

The next film was at the Egyptian, so I walked back to the Mercer Garage, and looked up the best route to the Harvard Garage (diagonally opposite the Egyptian) on my phone. It gave me a weird route due to weird traffic patterns, and I went with it. And I missed a turn, and wasted several minutes trying to get back on track; the usual route would have probably taken me less time. But it was OK; although I didn't get my usual seat at the Egyptian (center of the back row of the front section), I still got a good seat (left of aisle, second row of back section).

Because "J" hadn't liked A Dragon Arrives! as much as I had, she skipped Pig, but she wanted to see the next film, Sorry to Bother You. After greeting "L" (visiting "T" at our house), J took a bus to the Egyptian. Connections didn't work as well as the schedule said they were supposed to, and she arrived right around the time the lights were going down for previews.

But what about the film, Sorry to Bother You? It was another weird movie, and very funny. The style of humor reminded me of Monty Python; no gag was too silly, as long as it was worth a laugh or advanced the story. Another thing I admired was the way it diverged from reality: it started with just a few small exaggerations of reality, escalated to moderate fiction, and by the end was over-the-top. But it was all in the service of the story. (Later, however, J noted that there was only one woman with a significant role in the film, which bothered her.)

I stuck around for the director appearance and question-and-answer session after the film, but J started walking to the Centerpiece Gala party at the DAR Chapter House. She found that there was very little food there (a problem that persisted through the entire evening), and because she was quite hungry she left, intending to grab a quiet meal at a restaurant instead.

The Q&A after the film was pretty good; Boots Riley was a great guest. The presenter asked some good questions, and most of the audience questions were pretty good too.

After the Q&A, I walked to the DAR, and I saw J going the other side, toward a restaurant. We talked, discussing what to do about the food situation. She told me which restaurant she would go to, and we headed in our respective directions. She was too tired for the party anyway, and took a bus home after the restaurant food.

I went to the party, and found the food situation pretty bleak. Chocolates were abundant and tasty, but they're not exactly a balanced meal. Snacks circulated on trays carried by dedicated SIFF volunteers, but the snacks themselves were tiny, and just not enough food for people who skip regular meals because of busy film schedules. I got by, however.

Other than the food situation, the party was a lot of fun. Boots Riley was there all the way until closing time, and he was very friendly and approachable. Various people I know through SIFF – staff members, volunteers, pass-holder I see frequently, and film fans I rarely see anywhere except at SIFF parties – were there, and it was nice to see lots of them and talk with them.

When the party ended, I walked back to the parking lot and drove home. "L" had visited "T", but she had left by the time I got home.

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