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three films, SIFF Lounge, dinner and dessert out - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
three films, SIFF Lounge, dinner and dessert out

This morning, "J" and I headed for the film festival, worrying about the charity race that was supposed to shut down a lot of streets, but traffic ended up being not a problem. We even had enough time for me to try the two SIFF lots to save the walk back to the Mercer Garage, but both were completely full already. I parked there, glad for the parking pass, because it saved me the $20 parking fee (or the search for free Sunday parking).

The noon film was The Children Act, which was about a judge who handled cases related to the UK's Children Act, notably a Jehovah's Witness boy, just shy of age 18, who would die of leukemia if he didn't get a blood transfusion, which was forbidden by his religion. I found the story to be melodrama, but the film as a whole was elevated by Emma Thompson's excellent acting performance as the judge.

The 2 pm film was a restoration of the 1936 film The Crime of Monsieur Lange, about a man fleeing the law after killing a swindling publisher. The first half was a bit confusing (possibly because I was struggling to stay awake) and slow-moving (which didn't help me stay awake), but the film picked up in the second half. I'd rate the first half almost good, the second half very good, and the film good overall. The restoration is excellent.

We had a longer break until the next film, and since we were at the Uptown for all three films, we walked to the SIFF Lounge, a block and a half to the north, and hung out. Snacks were nearly depleted – we got two of the last four mini-cupcakes – but alcoholic beverages were plentiful. It seems that SIFF events are almost always generously supplied by its alcoholic beverage in-kind donors.

After an ale or two, we returned for the 5 pm documentary, The King. From the description, driving around the US in a Rolls Royce that once belonged to Elvis Presley talking to people, I hadn't expected much. But the film was a real treat; it was excellent.

We were pretty hungry by that point, and had a light dinner at Pung Kang Noodle Place, a new Thai restaurant at the location of Phuket Thai Cuisine. Based on the one dish we sampled, the new restaurant has surpassed the old. Since it's so close to the Uptown, I'm sure we'll be back. After the light dinner, we picked up dessert at Caffe Zingaro: a delicious chocolate mousse.

Finally, we visited my parents for a little while, and gave "T" a ride home.

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