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traffic hell, press screenings, home-cooked Thai dinner - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
traffic hell, press screenings, home-cooked Thai dinner

This morning, "J" and I got a bit of a late start getting out the door. On top of that, traffic was a giant mess: traffic accidents, a protest, and construction. We didn't go near the protest itself, but traffic diverting around it seems to have snarled all of downtown. Our late departure gave us little margin for problems, and the traffic was a big problem.

Fortunately, enough others were plagued by the traffic that the 10 am press screening was delayed by five minutes to accommodate people. I let J out of the car, and she made it to the screening while I descended into the depths of the parking dungeon a block from Pacific Place. And thanks to the traffic, I arrived at the parking machine at 10:01 am, missing the 10 am early bird price of $15. How much would the regular price be? I didn't know, but I had a feeling that it would be bad.

After parking, I ran to Pacific Place, up the escalators, and into the theater. And I found the door to screen #4 closed. Late entry to press screenings is strictly against the rules; a week or two ago someone slipped in after the deadline, and the next day our usually mild-mannered presenter warned that if it happened again the offender would be banned from press screenings altogether.

Although it was only 10:07 am at that point, I didn't want to upset our usually mild-mannered presenter again. I had missed the film, and it was my problem. At least J got in to see it before the adjusted deadline. I went to the upstairs lounge in the theater and parked myself on a chair, and relaxed to calm myself.

The film I missed was Naila and the Uprising. After it finished, I asked about it to get a feel for the buzz. My impression is that it was a fairly interesting side of the First Intifada – Palestinian women taking up the struggle while the men were in detention – but that the main story was nothing new to people who followed the news at the time, and the film-making could have been better. (I invited J to write a guest review, but I'm not sure whether she'll have time.)

The good news is that I was still able to attend the noon film, The Heiresses. Since I've already written a review, I'll point to that instead of writing more here.

After the film, I returned to the parking structure to find out just how much that 10:01 am arrival had cost me. I was back before 2 pm, so I was in the three-to-four hour price band: $19. Ouch!

I picked up J at our usual passenger loading zone, and we headed home (with a brief stop for the one grocery item we needed for dinner). J prepared her delicious chicken and tofu pad Thai recipe for us.

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