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our last two SIFF press screenings - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
our last two SIFF press screenings

Today was the final day of SIFF press screenings. Following SIFF press screening custom, "J" and I dressed in our Hawaii shirts. We drove in, and encountered lighter traffic than usual. There seems to be no pattern. I let J out of the car to grab a spot in the film line, then parked in the usual parking dungeon, and joined her at the theater.

The 10 am film, Chedeng & Apple, was a weird and funny comedy from the Philippines. It's not to everyone's taste, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Apple's husband is verbally and physically abusive, and finally she kills him in self-defense. But she doesn't trust the law to acknowledge self-defense, so she goes on the lam, accompanied by Chedeng, who had long mused about going back to her home town to find her first love, Lydia. Will their careful scrubbing of the evidence keep the police off Apple's trail? Will Chedeng find Lydia? See it if you want to find out.

The noon film, My Name is Myeisha, includes a title card that says, "Based on true stories", but it's really closely based on a specific story. While 19-year-old Myeisha and two friends are out, their borrowed car gets a flat tire. The spare is flat too, so Myeisha guards the car while her friends seek assistance. And she dozes off, locked inside the car, with her gun on her lap. Myeisha and others tell a poetic story about the night, and all the dreams Myeisha had while she slept. It's a very good, rather experimental adaptation of a stage play.

Since it was the final day of press screenings, most of us posed in the theater lobby for a group picture, taken from a high angle so we would all be visible. The picture was between the noon film and the 2 pm film, because Myeisha was only 85 minutes, providing the longest break for the photography. SIFF volunteer "J", who alternates with "R", took the picture.

The 2 pm film, Anchor and Hope, had the two top SIFF officials to speak before the film: the Artistic Director and Managing Director of SIFF. They know that the people who attend press screening are able to see about 60 more films than people who attend regular screenings, and that we are big supporters of SIFF. Some are substantial donors, and most are enthusiasts who support the festival through word of mouth. They thanked us for the support, and said some other nice things, but I don't remember the details.

Because we had business in Bellevue at 3 pm, J and I had to skip the film itself, even though it looked like it would have been good. Our thing in Bellevue went well. And if the buzz for the film is great, maybe we can see it another day.


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