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hardcopy media shopping, Adobe In Design, Scribus - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
hardcopy media shopping, Adobe In Design, Scribus

I shop for music and movies next to a spa

Today "J" and our sister-in-law "M" had a spa appointment, so we went to her place to pick her up first. (While we were there, we also measured a table she and my brother offered to give us.) I drove them to the appointment, and got lost less than usual on the way there.

The place is right next to a rare type of store: a place that still sells music and movies in hardcopy. It's fun to browse stuff in such stores, and although streaming is convenient it's also subject to the whims of the various companies that own rights to stuff to decide whether it's possible to watch a movie through a given service. Once one has hardcopy, it's not going anywhere. I picked up a Kate Bush triple CD and a movie; I got the latter for free because I had quite a few (largely forgotten) customer loyalty points at the store.

I don't like Adobe In Design

Later, I started a computer project. I have an Adobe In Design (desktop publishing) template, but I don't own In Design. I tried a few things to see whether I could open the template without owning it, but no luck. I installed the seven-day trial, which was about a 45-minute download even though it's not that huge and I have a pretty fast net connection. At least the installation itself was pretty low-hassle once I got it downloaded.

The software itself was not low-hassle. The user interface is completely idiosyncratic. It's like no other Windows product. It's not even like any other Adobe product I've had to deal with. (I can't dismiss every Adobe product as annoying. Premiere is good, and its user interface actually makes sense.) With almost any other product, if I right click on something, I get a menu of things that I can do with what I clicked on. But with In Design, that's not necessarily the case. I just hope I get through the project before the seven days expire; I don't want to pay for the stupid thing.

I like Scribus better

I started by trying to convert the template to Scribus, an open-source desktop publishing program. It's also completely new to me, but the user interface made sense. Still, before long I decided that there was too much new stuff to learn for me to adapt the template directly to Scribus. So although Word is not the best tool for the eventual desktop publishing project, it wins because it's a tool I know really well.

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