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moving floorboards, getting out the vote, writing project - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
moving floorboards, getting out the vote, writing project

First thing this morning, I lugged the boxes of floorboards that arrived yesterday into the house. I didn't want them out in the sunshine all day, and I also didn't want to deal with heavy physical labor during the hottest part of the day. It went quickly, and was pretty good exercise. Their shipping weight is 46 pounds (about 21 kg) for 16 floorboards. Oddly, that's significantly less than two-thirds of the 73 pound (about 33 kg) shipping weight of the older 24-floorboard boxes, even though the boards seem to be the same, and the boxes are made from the same cheap cardboard. Anyway, there were 18 boxes, and because I lifted some of the boxes more than once I probably did the equivalent of 20 or 30 repetitions of 46-pound lifts. That's a lighter work-out than a typical visit to the gym – when I'm not slacking on going to the gym – but less physical labor than yesterday's carpet-removal marathon.

Later this morning, "T" and I went out door-knocking to get out the vote on the Washington state primary. We have all mail-in ballots here (and just switched to postage-paid ballots), so people can mail them in any time between when they receive them and getting them post-marked by next Tuesday.

The most strongly contested candidate is State Senator Patty Kuderer, who took office to replace Cyrus Habib, when he was elected Lieutenant Governor. Kuderer's challenger is a former state senator who declined to run when Habib ran against him, but apparently he thinks he can do better against Kuderer.

Today was the first time I've used the new door-knocking app. I was hesitant to switch to it from the paper door-knock list, but I figured it's better to learn how to use it during the primary than during the general election. As it turns out, it's easy to use; the biggest problem with it is just the hassle of unlocking my phone every time it times out. Anyway, T wore out after about three hours, and I was getting a bit tired too.

In the evening, I did some more research for my writing project, and some actual content writing.

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susanacts From: susanacts Date: August 5th, 2018 06:42 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hi Steve! I am catching up on journals, and thank you for the flooring advice, as well as the movies. We are thinking about hardwood flooring in the family room. I am also watching a ton of movies, and discussing them with a friend. I am also glad to know you, T, and J are well. Susana

steve98052 From: steve98052 Date: August 16th, 2018 08:20 pm (UTC) (Link)

I'm glad someone is still reading my journal!

Yes, after living with the floors in part of the house for quite a few years now, I'm pleased with the strand-woven bamboo. It's beautiful and really strong.

However, if I were to do another house, I think I'd go with plain old ordinary oak. It's only half as hard, but just about everything scratches, and once I get used to the scratches they're not as terrible. And regular wood seems better against water damage.

Of course, if cost is an issue, the best stuff is probably click-lock laminate, because it's a lot easier to install yourself, and cheaper. A friend did her basement rental with it – all by herself – and it looks pretty darn good.

And in the bathrooms, the ceramic tile is great, but it's a little chilly on bare feet to have throughout the house. If you wear socks or shoes around the house anyway, wood-grain ceramic might be a nice choice.

And it's nice knowing you too.

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