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Thanksgiving preparations, table saw issues, cutting lots of floorboards, a little writing - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
Thanksgiving preparations, table saw issues, cutting lots of floorboards, a little writing
This morning, "J" and I ran a bunch of errands, totaling four stops. We were buying things in anticipation of hosting Thanksgiving, so we got things like serving dishes, kitchen knives, glasses, and so forth.

When we got home, I soon set out on an errand of my own. Because my table saw is out of action with a jammed blade height adjustment, I thought I could finish the bedroom with a rental saw. Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate how large the rental table saw at Home Depot would be.

So, I returned home, tried to find a Harbor Freight 20% off coupon, but it probably went away with this morning's recycle truck. I printed an on-line coupon and it came out huge. The 20% off coupon filled an entire page, with the bar code spilling onto the next, with a "free with any purchase" coupon for a screwdriver. That's a lot of ink on my color printer.

I got the saw going and started cutting. It doesn't have a very good fence, conpared to my Dewalt 745. The guide tracks don't fit my crosscut sled (which I built myself for the Dewalt), but it does have a miter guide. The miter guide is a bit wobbly, but I managed to get it to do square crosscuts with a little extra care.

Because I had almost all of my cuts pre-measured, I got a lot of cutting done. I started with pieces where imprecision would be inconspicuous: the tiny corner piece Row 72 #3 (1¼×3½ inches or 3×:9 cm), the closet boards Row 71 #10 (a simple crosscut to 24 inches, 61 cm), and Row 72 #9+ and #10 (both ripped to 1 3/8  inches wide from the same long scrap, and then cut to 22 and 2 inches, respectively, or 35 mm × 56 and 5 cm).

Since those worked well, I tried some precision cuts, starting with Row 70 #6+, which fits against the right side of the heat vent cover – and I got it right on the first try with the wobbly miter guide. The other pieces by the vent cover, Row 71 #6− and #6+, were more difficult, or maybe less lucky, requiring about three tries each to get them to match angle with the sides of the vent cover.

I proceeded to a somewhat complicated cut, Row 70 #9−, which fits against the outside of the left side of the east closet, covering the door pivit support and fitting around the corner of the closet framing (and under the vertical trim. That required a 45° bevel cut (east enough) and several freehand cuts to fit around the corner of the framing.

After that, the other board by the closet, Row 71 #9, was simple: just a crosscut, not quite square because the stub wall between the closet and the east exterior wall is not quite square.

Another simple cut was Row 71 #4, near the northeast corner of the room.

Other than the Row 72 #3, #9+, and #10 pieces, I didn't do much of Row 72. That will require six long rips, and cutting two full-length grooves (and two short grooves) to turn the tongue sides of two boards into groove sides. That will be a lot of sawdust, and since the rental didn't work out I'm not under the same time pressure.

I finished the cutting with three groove cuts in the heat vent cover ends of Row 70 #6+ and Row 71 #6− and #6+. After cutting the grooves, I smashed three pieces of thin plywood to the width of those grooves with a vise-grip pliers, glued them into place, and set them aside to cure overnight.

Update (next morning): plenty of excess glue foamed out of the glue joints. It's good that I put them somewhere where the drips wouldn't hurt anything.

Afterthought (next morning): I also did some work on my writing project, scattered through the day. Mostly I was tuning a spreadsheet to calculate some things in the writing project, rather than actually writing prose, but it's in support of the writing project, so I'm counting it as a writing day too.

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