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visitors, brunch - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
visitors, brunch

Today "J" and I and "T" had visitors. In late morning, "K" and her daughter "M" visited, mainly to see T and give him a birthday gift, which he was quite pleased with.

Right around the time T was heading out to go to Bellevue for the afternoon, "L" arrived. Usually she visits T, but today she was mostly visiting J.

I went to the usual Sunday brunch, arriving too late to catch the occasional participant "J", who dropped in only briefly. Also present were "M", "N", the usual "J", and the intermittent participant "W". Long-time regular "C" was absent; she's been rather scarce lately. Brunch was pleasant, as usual.

In early evening, I gave J a ride to a gathering of her friends. During much of it, I worked on my writing project, and was quite productive, adding some new prose, in addition to getting the numerical stuff pretty well sorted out. It helped that J let me use her laptop, instead of writing on my ancient slow laptop or my phone.

In late evening, J and I visited my father briefly, and gave T a ride home.

I will probably write some more before bed; I feel reasonably awake and inspired.


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