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using the new saw, floor work, forgotten wallet, writing - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
using the new saw, floor work, forgotten wallet, writing

Today I brought out the new table saw to rip the rest of the Row 72 floorboards. They're not all the same width; the east wall of the bedroom curves just enough that the space between Row 71 and the wall varies a little. But in all cases there's room for boards that aren't inconveniently narrow, but narrow enough that I can get two Row 72 boards out of each intact floorboard.

The problem with getting two pieces out of a floorboard is that one will be ripped from the tongue side of the board. That means that I have to cut the tongue into a groove, on both the long edge and the tongue end. I'll also have to add splines into the groove ends, to align them with the groove ends of adjacent boards.

Ripping the boards to width went smoothly, but I'm not sure I finished the grooves; I may need to cut them slightly thicker. Fortunately, I didn't cut them too wide; narrowing a too-wide groove would be a hassle.

This evening, "J" went to a movie Meet-up, but she was the only Meet-up person who showed up, out of five who had said that they would attend. There was only one other person in the theater at all; it was not a busy night for movies. I gave her rides to and from the transit stops.

I ran lots of morning errands, a plan that I made more complicated by leaving my wallet the pants I had worn yesterday. When I had to pay for something, I needed to put it back and go home for the wallet, then return. Fortunately, I discovered the mistake before embarrassing myself by discovering it only when the cashier said what I needed to pay.

I did some more writing late in the evening. I can't think of much to say about it, except that it feels good to be writing.

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