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closer to finishing the floors, Thanksgiving preparations and meal, some writing - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
closer to finishing the floors, Thanksgiving preparations and meal, some writing

This morning, I did a little work on the floors, and finished the final bedroom closet. I had Row 71 #10 cut to length, and Row 72 #9+ and #10 cut to length and width a few days ago. I drilled pilot holes for their nails, and applied glue to the joint between the Row 72 pieces because #10 is so small, and slipped them under the edge of the east wall drywall, to make room for the Row 71 board.

I fitted Row 71 #10 into place and hammered it tight with the pulling tool and panic! The joint between it and the adjacent boards didn't fit; Row 70 #10 was for some reason slightly thicker where it fit against #9+. I removed Row 71 #10, sanded the too-thick board, and replaced the removed board. I pulled it tight again, and it fit. Hooray! I nailed it into place.

Fortunately, the glue between the Row 72 pieces hadn't cured much during the delay, I pulled them out from under the edge of the drywall, rammed them against the preceding row, and face-nailed their edges (which will be hidden under baseboard trim). Now that I'm writing this, I see that it turned out really nicely – quality work, even in a closet.

Meanwhile, "J" was hard at work on preparations for Thanksgiving, which is what I should have been doing instead of floors. She pointed that out, and I joined in on the preparations.

For the food preparation, J used a PERT chart to keep things on schedule. Nerd that I am, I suggested the idea, and we prepared it yesterday. Since we haven't hosted a lot of big dinners, she decided that it was a good idea, and she did a nice job of it. The actual times didn't follow the chart precisely – the turkey took a bit longer than the cooking guide suggested – but it was a big help.

My parents arrived within a minute or two of the scheduled time (early afternoon); my brother followed soon after. We had various appetizers, which kept everyone happy while the turkey came up to temperature.

After some cleaning up, I got quite a bit of work done on my writing project.

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