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birthday party, a new restaurant, star lamp - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
birthday party, a new restaurant, star lamp

The big event for today was a birthday party for a friend of "T", one of a dozen or so of his friends (it seems) with initial "A". T had a blast, and it seemed like all of the kids did too. (The gift shopping yesterday was for this party.) It was a pleasant occasion for the adults attending too.

Afterwards, "J" and I (and T) were pretty worn out, so we went out for Thai. It was a new place for us, and quite a treat.

I also worked on the star lamp. I trimmed off a section where I had drilled holes for the light fixture, and spliced the pieces. I cut holes in the rest of the light sockets, so they're ready to nail in place. I have six of the fixtures mounted into their places.

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