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Something other than politics - Rounding up the Usual Suspects
Steve's Livejournal
Something other than politics
I already wrote about my evening politics, but I didn't write about the rest of our Friday.


First thing in the day for us was an appointment at our personal trainers. We had our new-client assessment appointments a week ago, but it took some phone tag to get on the schedule for our training sessions. This was our first regular session.

Before our sessions started, we did about ten minutes of warm-up on the cardio machines in the front of the shop, sharing a little small-talk with the trainers. Then we went into the training rooms, each with a trainer. Exercises I remember, in approximate order, were bench press, some sort of pull-down on a machine, assorted crunches, lunge stretches, bicep curls, and leg press. Now, I feel the post-exercise aches in my upper arms, thighs, and abdomen.

Since this is a new place, I'll reset the work-out count: this was exercise day 1.


To celebrate the start of our personal training, we went for a big lunch. First we tried the Redmond Brown Bag Cafe. Unfortunately, although their web site still lists a Redmond location, we found a sign on the door that said the place had closed, and to try the Kirkland location instead.

We could have tried another place in Redmond, but we were in the mood for it, and I was curious about what happened to the Redmond location. So we headed for Kirkland. I asked what happened to the Redmond location, and the cashier said the owner had decided to shut it down, but hadn't said why.

I had my usual, cinnamon roll french toast. My wife had her usual, the "country breakfast". Both were delicious. We were full for most of the day.

I mention the closure of the Redmond location because I had recommended the place before, either in my journal or in reply to other Seattle-area discussion of breakfast restaurants.


The training appointment was a bit early for my recent night-owl routine, and I was pretty drowsy by mid-afternoon. My wife was a bit drowsy too. We took a nap. After the nap, I prepared for my caucus turnout walk, printing slips of paper with the address, and a map to show people.

While I was work on the caucus stuff, a neighbor knocked on our door. He asked if I could show up at the caucus early, to help set up the location. He had recently signed up as the Precinct Committee Officer, a job I had also considered accepting. I agreed.

Meanwhile, my wife was baking. Earlier, she had mixed up some yeast dough for sweet rolls. They're about the size of dinner rolls, but mildly sweet. While I was out walking, she put them in the oven. They turned out delicious, as usual.

For the last part of our evening, we sat in front of the television and watched a few shows on our digital recorder. I'm still amazed at how much easier it is to use than tape. It took actually using the digital recorder to recognize just how much time we wasted on tape management.

And while watching television, I wrote journal entries, and started looking through the friend-list.

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