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Rounding up the Usual Suspects

Steve's Livejournal

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I thought about starting an online journal for years, but never thought of anything to use for content that I'd be able to update frequently. Finally I came up with something: movie reviews. I was writing them for quite a while now, and scattered them around various places. A Livejournal permanent account, however, seems like just the place to gather them. Once I had a journal for the movie reviews, I started putting all sorts of other routine writing here too.

I'm married to "J", and live with her and her dog in the Seattle area. My possessions are scattered between my home in the Seattle area, my house in Redmond (which I rented out), my parents' place in Bellevue, and a rental property in California. I worked in the computer industry for quite a few years, took up screenwriting for a while, worked as a jazz executive producer, and try to make some spare change as a landlord. I am largely free of the unpleasantness of the music business. Now I look forward to getting back into the computer industry, and possibly getting my film scripts produced. I miss my cats.

My Bacon Number is 2 (me, Terms of Endearment, Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men, Kevin Bacon).

The "98052" in my user name is the Zip Code for Redmond, where I lived for about twenty years.

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